Advantages of PVC

Enhanced thermal insulation

WINTECH profiles have 3 B insulation to provide effective protection against cold, heat and drafts. They retain inner heat for comfort and energy savings.

Soundproofing controlled

WINTECH profiles associated with an efficient glazing guarantee a perfect tranquillity in your home (possibility of all types of glass from 4 to 20 mm).

Minimum maintenance

WINTECH profiles do not require any maintenance or painting; your windows will always be new without any special effort from you but just a simple wipe with a sponge once in a while. And thus you spend more time on important things.

Security guaranteed

WINTECH profiles are fitted with steel reinforcement and can be equipped with anti-burglary glazing to offer a very effective resistance against burglary.

AEV excellent performance and durability

The double interchangeable joint welded in the corners ensures sealing performance as well as galvanized steel reinforcement makes profiles more robust, scratch resistant and ensures their sustainability.
PVC is stainless. It does not rot and does not corrode ... Even in beachfront (salt, storm, sun ...) PVC is the best choice. It is resistant to aggressive salt and sunlight.

Extra low power consumption

PVC is a good insulator. Its coefficient of thermal conductivity (0.17 W / mC °) is slightly smaller than that of wood (0.23 W / mC °). The equivalent coefficient for aluminium is approximately 210 W / mC °.


PVC compounds are 100% recyclable physically, chemically or energetically. After mechanical separation, grinding, washing and treatment to remove impurities, it is prepared by various techniques (granulated or powdered) and reused in production.

Best ratio quality / price