Systems of shutters

WINTECH shutters offer not only very effective protection against sun, heat, light too blinding, but also against prying eyes and unwanted visitors. In winter they keep the warmth inside.

They also constitute a decorative element of the facade. The range of WINTECH shutters systems offer a large selection of models in all sizes, indoor and outdoor for all installation circumstances (new and renovation).

In a block bay's : the window, the deck and the coffer form a harmonious unit. The colours and materials are coordinated their installation is easy :  in operation. All PVC shutter parts (coffers and blades) and window profiles are made ??of the same high quality PVC, resistant to shocks and climatic variations.

Coffers for shutters are in the range of COLORS AND DECORATIONS WINTECH.

Shutter blades size 55x13 are available in several colours and produced from PVC and high quality additive that allows them to ensure optimum quality and shading to create a powerful solution to noise, the sun, and the darkness night.

  • Quick and easy installation thanks to the bloc bay.
  • The shutters coffers are insulated optimally as thermal as acoustic and equipped with locking devices for perfect insulation and friction-free operation.
  • Reliable fixation technic by profile or by clipping the junction box on carpentry.
  • Range under technical advice.
  • Types of operations available : in strap, winch or engine.
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The double wall MONOBLOC offers the same features aesthetic and same inner diameter as aluminium cabinet.

A PVC window allows better sealing and insulation.

Air permeable 12207 : 2000 Classe 3 (Very Good) Classe 3 (Very Good)
Water tightness 1027 : 2000 Classe 9 A (Exceptional) Classe 8 A (Exceptional)
Acoustic insulation ISO 140-3 : 1995 Ra= 21.8 dBA Ra= 30.7 dBA
Thermal coefficient DIN 52619 K=2 K=1 .8

Transparent shutters :

Winlook curtains are composed of dense interchangeable elements, made up of injected polycarbonate 3cm width, transparent, attached and held together by an aluminium tube.

They are patented and recognized all over the world for their updating technology and quality.

They guarantee glass-like transparency as well as great solidity compared with known solutions. Thanks to their particular structure, they remain more solid than steel.

Winlook finding keeps the visual attractiveness of your house intact with maximum transparency. Besides its pure design, total clarity and attractiveness, it ensures security against weather inclemency and aggressive environment.

Winlook product enables multipurpose adjustment for shops, equipment of individual houses as well as wall separation and isolation.


  • Unbreakable modules in PCP
  • Total transparency
  • 100 per cent protection against UV radiation
  • Extremely light compared with steel curtains
  • Unbreakable, non-corrosive and rust-preventer
  • Fire-resistant
  • Easy to clean