French range

WIN 55 system WINTECH 55 MM

Made from multi-chamber rigid PVC profiles modified and UV treated, the windows designed from the range profiles WIN55 guarantee optimal results in terms of AEV, performance, thermal insulation, acoustics, shock resistance, climatic variations and durability.

By design, the Range WIN 55 is a complete product:

  • suitable for all installation situations(new and renovation)
  • allows the production of all types of joinery in French opening, swing open, bent
  • provide a wide range of glazing from 4 to 20 mm (* opening flush)
  • offers a full range of accessories and decorative finishing.


Window and French window:

  • Profile dormer thickness 55 mm assembled with miter joint cover right side 30 mm inside
  • Assembly with heat sealing
  • Operation and espagnolet closure with 3 locking points that have a handle
  • Joints to seal TPE mounted on the profile
  • 8 legged sealing
  • 4-6 hinges 75 (4 if H <1.20 and 6 if H> 1.20) - 6 hinges 100 for secondary doors
  • Reinforced galvanized steel thickness 1.2mm or 1.5 and meets NF-A-36-321 (Class galvanized steel Z275)-Technical data attached-in the form of square dimension 18x22 for 1019 and in the form of 1004 U for opening dimension of 25x23

Secondary door:

  • Reference series: WIN 55
  • Finish: White in mass
  • Profile dormer 55 mm thick assembles miter cut (can joint cover right a 30 mm inside)
  • Assembly with thermo reinforced by welding brackets to the inside corners
  • Operation and closing casement has 5 locking points that have a handle mounted on mullions 1002
  • Joints to seal mounted on the TPE profile
  • 8 legged sealing
  • 4 hinges 100
  • Reinforced metal galvanized steel thickness of 1.2mm or 1.5 and meets the standards NF-A-36-321 (galvanized steel of
  • Class Z275)-Technical data-attached in the form of square size 18x22 for 1019 (sleeping with recovery)
  • and under U-shape with the top of retourt size 26x33x10 mm for single dormer 1001, to one opening 1005
  • reinforcement in the form of dimension 36x62 U mm06/08/2010. For reinforcing the mullion 1002 U in the form of dimension  26x25 mm


White Ivory Clear Golden Mahogany